‘Many thanks to you for your time, guidance and support. I greatly appreciate it.’

Mr W, Hammersmith

* * *

‘After years of playing ping pong with solicitors, we were getting nowhere and I am so relieved that we heard about mediation. Your skill in taking the heat out of our communication was exceptional and we were finally able to focus on what was important – our children’s future. My ex-wife and I are now both on the same page and the Parenting Plan you helped us build has been invaluable’.

Mr B, Wimbledon

* * *

‘I was amazed you persuaded (my ex) to come and I think he was secretly disappointed when it ended!’

Mrs S, Fulham

* * *

‘Mediation has given me the confidence and financial stability to focus on setting up my business and moving on with my life. Thank you for your patience and for showing us we could find a way through our financial mess.’

Ms H, Putney

* * *

I appreciate how sensitively you talked to my children as they felt you really listened to them.

Mr P, Clapham


Tel: 07930 366 661


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